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Designed from the ground up for marine and transportation claims the TecnoClaims System provides a host of sophisticated tools to manage all classes of claims as well as insurance administration, asset tracking and more.  Our system ideally suits the needs of Logistics Companies, US and International shipping companies, Cruise Lines and more.


Core capabilities include:


  • Centralised User Account management defines exact data fields and user access rights, role or individual based.  Users only see exactly what they need to use.

  • System highly menu driven with all key data recorded from user definable System Tables.

  • Screens designed specifically for each class of claim including  Container Cargo, Bulk & GeneralCargo, Logistics Cargo, Hull & Machinery, Crew and 'Miscellaneous' claims such as Pollution, Allision, FD&D etc.

  • Expenses and classes of reserve specific to each class of risk enable claims expenses to be categorised in detail.

  • Deductibles applicable to marine and transportation needs including per occurence, voyage deductible, percentage deductible, Loss of Hire daily as well as Annual Aggregate deductibles.

  • Fleet and Vessel profiles.  Vessel detail includes vessel type, chartered or owned, manning agency, owning company, charterer, flag, class etc.  Includes the ability to track insured values including a history of value changes and changes to key information such as flag, class etc.  Vessel renaming also tracked with past claims associated under the original name.

  • Contacts list includes all contacts including Agents, Surveyors, Lawyers, Medical providers and Vendors.  Cargo contacts include Carriers, Consignees etc.

  • Business rules applicable to marine and the use of terminology familiar to marine/transportation claims handlers means that the system is highly intuitive and easy to use.

  • User definable alerts enable users to keep track of milestones such as time bars, file and reserve review etc.

  • Powerful reporting and analysis tools include both standard and ad hoc reports.  Custom reports are also available.

  • Available interfaces include financial, HR (Manning Agent), Voyage as well as custom interfaces to other corporate systems e.g. Bill of Lading.

  • Avaiable module tracks Insurance Premium information.

  • Web based dashboard provides powerful and easy to use tools that can present data that is key to you in an almost limitless range of formats.  This provides the ability to see and understand exactly the data that is important to you in real time and to drill down to the detail.

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