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Self-Insured Longshore Employers



The TecnoClaims System ideally suits the Claims Management requirements for Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act Claims.  Specific functions to manage such claims include.




  • Module to record Longshore Employer details including location and DOL Authorization number.


  • Ability to create Ports/Terminals and assign Employers.


  • Details of excess insurer and Loss attachment point can be assigned.

Claims Management

  • All required information required for LS Reports recordable.  Other key information such as Seniority, Union, Accident Location, Cause etc. recordable from System Menus.


  • Production of LS Reports available in each claim and detail saved in document Management System.


  • Extensive file notes available saved to folders similar to Outlook.


  • Tasks System aka Diary.


  • Case review audit trail.


  • Conversion of benefits recordable.


  • Log of compensation payments, and also medical treatment available.


  • Disability status recordable in payments and logged in System.


  • Vessel being worked recordable where applicable.

  • Workflow processes designed specifically for LSH claims.

  • Reserve and payment categories designed specifically for LSH claims.



In addition to the LS Reports available in claims, the System produces the DOL LS274 and LS513 reports.


Other reports by Employer, Terminal, Union etc. are available.


Contact TecnoRisk for more information.

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