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Medicare Section 111 Reporting

US based shipowners with a P&I Club entry have a requirement to report crew injury/illness claims (and for Cruise Lines, Passengers) for Medicare eligible claimants.


Medicare applies to US Nationals and certain resident aliens 65 years of age or older, and persons receiving Social Security Disability.  This letter qualification means that age alone is not the determinant for Medicare eligibility.


Most shipowners rely upon Reporting Agents to file reports as the process is complex and the files can only be done electronically.  The disadvantage however in doing this is that:


  • Data has to be rekeyed unless the Reporting Agent can set up an EDI link to your Claims System.


  • Management of reporting is manual i.e. outside your Claims System, and subject to error.


  • The cost is higher than handling the Reporting in house.

The TecnoClaims System includes a module that handles Section 111 Reporting.  Rekeying of data is thus eliminated, and Users have much greater control of the reporting process.

TecnoRisk are also very knowledgeable on the process, and provide reporting assistance as well as hands on training of users.

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