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Logistics Companies



Set up of the System tailored exactly to the needs of Logistics companies include:

  • Workflow designed specically for Logistsics needs.

  • Origin and Destination Locations and warehousing recorded.


  • 'Contacts' in case include assignment of carrier, consignee, customers etc. from user definable system Tables.


  • Statute dates and recovery statute tracked and included in Alert System.


  • Origin Office, including multiple where applicable, available to all claim costs.


  • Control document, service, type of transport, loss type etc. recordable from user defined System Tables.


  • Find claim searches and workflow specific to Logistics claims.

  • Possible duplicate claims identification utilizing bill of lading number, container number and other key data.

  • In addition to Cargo claims system handles General Liability, Auto etc.



Contact TecnoRisk for more information.

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