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The TecnoClaims System is configurable to meet the needs of US domiciled shipowners.  this includes terminology such as 'Cheque' rather than 'Check', 'Lawyer' rather than 'Attorney' etc.


Dates likewise reflect day, month, year rather than the US month, day, year.




Features of the System which particularly benefit International Shipowners include.


  • Insurance Policy & Premium module.  Enables the recharge of premiums to Charters, War Risk breach additional premiums to be included.  Click here for more details.

  • Philippino Overseas Employment Agency claims module.  Enables users to efficiently manage all aspects of POEA cases.


  • Vessel Information.  Entities associated with Vessels are set up in user definable System Tables grouped by 'Type'.  Type examples include Registered Owner, Commercial Manager, Technical Manager, Beneficial Owner, Charterer, Crewing Manager etc.  Key changes such as flag, class, vessel renaming etc. are tracked enabling the user to easily follow the history of the vessel.


  • The Systems powerful range of capabilities in Crew, Cargo, H&M, Container and other claims is of particular benefit to larger multinational operators.

  • Workflow processes specific to marine and transportion claims provide efficiencies to assist users.

  • Business rules familiar to claims handlers maes the Systen highly intuitive.

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