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Case Study Norwegian Cruise Line


The TecnoClaims System was put into production with NCL in 2005.  Initial set up involved several specific adaptations to the System including:

  • Developing at interface with the cruise lines Manning System 'MAPS'.  Keying of crew claimant information was, therefore, avoided.


  • Voyages imported into the System via EDI which is maintained on an ongoing basis.  A standard TecnoClaims feature for cruise lines is when a new claim is added for the voyage to be selected.  The voyage is assigned on a vessel/date of incident basis meaning that one voyage is available to select or two on cross over day.


  • Cruise credits certificates customized to be produced from the System.


  • Custom reports developed.

Over the years specific development to interface with other corporate Systems including Account and Accident reporting was developed and the Medicare Section 111 was added in 2011.

As the Cruise Lines needs have evolved the TecnoClaims System has proven to be sufficiently flexible to be adapted to meet the precise need in an efficient cost effective way.

In 2014 NCL upgraded to the latest release of TecnoClaims, Version 8.2.  Included as part of this deployment was an interface with NCL's Medical Bill Review Service to automate medical payments including keeping track of savings.

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