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Deep Sea Fisheries, Inc ('DSF') Everett, WA are a leading Seafood Company supplying a variety of seafood products Worldwide. DSF operate a fleet which includes a longliner, pot cod catcher processor, crab catcher processer as well as a range of tenders and Bristol Bay gillneters.


Other operations include a shipyard in  Everett, WA, cold storage plants in Arlington and Stanwood, WA and a salmon processing plant in Egegik, AK.


The Company has therefore  a wide range of risk exposures both afloat and shoreside.  The TecnoClaims system is used to manage all of the group's insurance policies including tracking both premium and claims.


Policy documentation is maintained electronically along with all Vessel surveys (the vessels not being classed), COFR Cerificates etc.


Case Study Deep

Sea Fisheries, Inc


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