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​TecnoRisk provide Risk Management Information Systems to the Maritime and Logistics industries with specifically designed solutions engineered for handling all aspects of  these industries claims.  We designed .... 



TecnoRisk provide a knowledgeable hands on support service and have completed many projects for our clients, ranging from data conversions to interfaces with financial and employee HR/Manning Agent systems and more. Whenever we undertake development projects ......



Our clients include a wide range from small companies to large cruise lines and international shipping and logistics companies.  Ask us how we can help your business  ...


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Software Designed Specifically for Marine & Transportation Claims



Since 1995 TecnoRisk has provided risk management systems to maritime and transportation industry companies ranging from container operators, logistics companies, tanker/LNG operators, cruise lines, commercial fishing, insurance industry professionals and more.


These industry leading companies have recognised the benefits of savings in claims costs and improvements in audit compliance from using tools designed precisely for the needs of marine and transportation claims.


Even if you are not ready to look for a system come find out how the TecnoClaims system can be of benefit to your organisation.






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